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Another satisfied customer

Another satisfied customer

Whether you currently provide landscape maintenance services in-house or through an outside lawn service, there are problems.

Service in-house usually means little or no redundancy in equipment or personnel. Delays caused by the malfunction of primary equipment or the absence of key personnel, create the same result: Lawn mowing is left undone, and the residents are unhappy. In addition, 100% of the liability created by this oftentimes-troublesome chore can lead to substantial financial risk to your property.

An outside lawn/landscape service that is not properly equipped or has not specialized for a number of years in servicing a property of your type and magnitude creates many of the same problems as in-house services with virtually no control over their day-to-day operations.

For over 26 years, American Groundskeeper has specialized in lawn and landscape maintenance of properties ranging from 1,500 home sites to those as small as 50 home sites for many years. Our crews are capable of providing service to an amazing 450 typical home sites in a single day. We have earned a reputation as friendly, dependable, and hard working. Proof of our customer satisfaction can be seen every day as residents express their thanks to the crew with glasses of ice water and lemonade.

We can help make your task of park management easier while helping you deliver quality service for low cost to your residents.

Please contact us to set up a time to talk about how we can make life better at your park.